The MRCT is the most cost-effective, reliable and easily deployable Mobile Video Security Platform on the market. The MRCT is a turn-key platform – operating on self-contained power designed to  the customers’ needs, connected 100% wireless communication via Point-to-Point or Cell 3/4G, and equipped to your specific mission requirements configuration.

We offer three ‘standard’ configurations:

Secure – Easiest to deploy, IP Day/Night camera, 17’ tower, 24/7 Solar/battery power- 25W power budget, Equipment payload 25lbs.

Plus – Generator powered – 500w power budget, Expanded video coverage capabilities, Mast extension to 30’ – Equipment payload 50 lbs.

Sophisticated – Large generator – power budget to need, Data command/control, additional equipment payload, customized for ground radar integration and/or other payload

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