The K12 Drop Arm is a crash rated pivot arm tested and certified to ASTM F2656 07 M50 impact (equal to DOS K-12). The complete K12 Drop Arm assembly consists of a receiver stanchion, hinge stanchion, aluminum arm, stanchion covers, and pumping unit. This unit was designed using the latest technology in parts and assembly including the extensive use of engineered fabrics, stainless steel, powder coating, and bearings. In order to maintain the operating integrity, we have designed a damping device which helps reduce the dynamic load on arm at each end of the cycle which translates to a smoother operation and longer life.  Installation requires no above grade concrete forming, simply excavate, set stanchions, install conduits, and pour in place. The K12 Drop Arm is available with clear openings from 12 to 25 feet. Power is supplied by a hydraulic pumping unit, or manually with a turn wheel. This unit comes complete less normal construction material such as concrete, conduits, wire and rebar.

K12 Drop Arm


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