The model K4 gate is engineered to meet (K4) US Department of State SD-STD-02.01 (15,000 lb vehicle @ 30 mph). Having a standard height of 7’, the gate uses an open frame structure that allows the user flexibility to match existing fence designs (infill) such as pickets or chain link. Gate clear openings of 12’ to 30’ are available. The K4 Gate is designed to operate left or right handed at a standard operating speed up to one foot per second when an optional operator is used with the gate. The K4 Gate cantilever design eliminates the need for a “V” track in the roadway.  The model K4 Gate assembly includes three (3) stanchions, gate frame, trolley supported wheels. The unit is designed for long life, reliability and easy maintenance. Optional features such as motorized operation, traffic lights, key pads, control panels and card readers can be incorporated into the K4 Gate operating system. The K4 Gate standard sizes range from 12’ to 30’ clear opening with a height of 7’.

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