Designed and built to fit your environment and mission requirements.

The surveillance system packages can be placed in a number of vehicle options at your choosing:  from common utility vans (Ford Transit – GM/Ford Vans – Sprinter), to SUV’s (GM Suburban – Ford Expedition) to Shelter units placed on back of pick-up trucks — all exteriors finished to common outside appearance for covert operations.

System architectures can be provided for one to three personnel – dependent on space and mission requirements – or as a complete un-manned set-up.  Interior arrangements designed for optimal operator equipment use and control with climate control for comfort.

Independent power and electrical distribution provided for the most sophisticated electronics equipment requirements – video, audio, and data transmissions – or customized for use with national level assets for data intercept.   Real time video viewing and recording – with ‘force multiplier’ capability installed for remote viewing and control.

Network capability with modular mounting of equipments contributes to easy upgrade, addition and serviceability.  Seamless integration / support to other security equipment deployed on mission – for officer safety and command & control.   Vehicle perimeter safety ensured with four camera installs on sides, front and rear.

More Security can provide specialty vehicles equipped to meet any governmental agency and professional security requirement.

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