Who- The instructors would be senior veteran instructors nationally and internationally known in the field of law enforcement, counter-terrorism and post blast investigation. Years of teaching for the FBI!  All are retired FBI Special Agents and now independent contractors. Some retired from the FBI laboratory explosives unit, one is a professor and author of Practical Post Blast Investigation, a textbook.  All have been involved in major post blast crime scenes around the world.

What- PBI Training, 5 instructors for a 3 week course conducted in English.  Translators are not provided.

Where- Your training facility!

Requirements:  An explosive range and a quantity of various explosives which can be based on availability. Not a huge quantity because all of the shots are small. Objective is training, not trying to scatter things all about the range.

Instructors will need 3 vehicles to destroy from a junk yard in-tact and with glass but the vehicle does not need to be a running vehicle.