For deployment to remote communities that lack safe and secure drinking water, this unit is designed for Emergency Water Purification in the event of a natural disaster, refugee crisis, or other man-made disaster. More Security, LLC offers a highly portable solution:

1GPM Case Water Purification-1


• 3.7 liters/min (1 Gallon Per Minute)

• Rugged hard shell case with wheels

• Low weight 16 kg (50 lb) Dimensions 22x17x10 inches

• Meets or Exceeds WHO and NSF protocols

• The onboard pump can draw water from virtually any source.

• Self priming 60psi pump

• 30 Watt solar panel

• Spare filter set, spare UV/Quartz sleeve, intake/discharge hoses, battery, 30 Watt solar panel, AC/DC converter, 12 Volt car battery adapter, all included.

• HS Code is 842121

The unit can be powered by generator, A/C power, DC power, 12 Volt batteries and/or integrated solar power.