Throughout my travels I have come across some truly unique products and and interesting business opportunities. Eva Danielle represents a possible opportunity for you! If this is something of interest please contact Rick for more information.

Clothing is not only the fastest growing industry but it is also one of the most stable. Eva Danielle is a high-end women’s fashion line. Founded in 2005, the Eva Danielle brand is a family owned business. Eva Danielle’s flagship store is in Miami, Florida. The company is currently seeking franchises that will facilitate its goal of becoming the premier global luxury leader. Eva Danielle opened its first franchise location in India on March 1st 2013. Celebrity fans include Britney Spears, Nicole Scherzinger, Paris Hilton and Nikki Minaj. International Media features Fashion TV, Paris Match Magazine, Vogue, and the Irish Tatler. Corporate Collaborations include Dell, Apple, Pierre and Lamborghini.