More Power

More Security, LLC offers a Permanent and/or Portable environmentally focused energy generation and waste management solution which utilizes a proprietary process to convert carbon based waste to energy.   This technology is not incineration and extracts energy from waste without combustion.  The combustion process is interrupted in its early stages through oxygen starvation.  Temperatures and pressures are raised to thermo-chemically decompose matter into a synthetic gas (syngas), which is used to fuel power generation equipment.


  • Automotive Shredder Residue
  • Derived Fuel (from Municipal Solid Waste)
  • Tire Derived Fuel
  • Animal Manures
  • Hulls from Nuts – All Types
  • Coconut Shells
  • Vegetable Seeds (Corn, Rice, etc.)
  • Wood Residues (Saw Dust, Bark, etc.)
  • Compost
  • Papers – All Types
  • Plastics
  • Bagasse
  • Spent Activated Carbon (Reclaimed)
  • Shredded Carpet
  • Treated Wood Waste
  • Packing Wastes
  • Yard Waste – All Types
  • Demolition Debris
  • Roofing Materials
  • Resins
  • Contaminated Soils
  • Spent Foundry Sand (Reclaimed)
  • Spent Adsorbents
  • Sewage Grit